Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Keputusan Labil

.... ehem.. Halo halo...Akhirnya saya kembali nulis di blog ini dengan status baru.. ehem..  *blushing.

Dan setelah sekian lama ninggalin blog ini, akhirnya saya mengambil keputusan sementara, blog ini akan kembali 'diliburkan' untung jangka waktu yang belum bisa ditentukan.  Kenapa? Karena saya mulai pusing ngurusin blog lebih dari satu hahaha.

Jadii.. buat yang kangen sama saya, mari berkunjung ke

See you there! :D

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crave for (free) Korean Wave

As long as i remembered, i never join or win any contest, blog giveaway, quiz, doorprize and so on. BUT, the first time i read about this, instantly i wanted to give it a shot.Why? Because i have been craving for this Korean Wave for soooo long.

If you wanted to know how long, it's not months, but years. Not one or two years, but several years. I started to consider this treatment since my early college year, about 5-6 years ago bwahahaha. Yep, i know it must be crazy wanting that treatment for so long, and never tried to do this at least once hahaha.

Why i want to make my hair wavy? Because i am blessed with this thin and straight hair, and i think it will look better if i have a little wave, so it wont be too thin and damped, and that wave will give some volume. Dont you think so?

So, i decided to join this contest and try my luck, afterall i've got nothing to lose, right. Anyway i think it could be one of my #Misi21 things hahaha. Wish me luck!  :D

See? It looks so thin. Need more volume

This is a Special Makeover Giveaway made by Carnellin and L'OREAL on her blog They will give 3 winners chances to get some makeover for their hair with three treatment options : INOA hair color, Korean Wave by Dulcia Advanced (this is the one that i want!!), or Japanese smoothing by X'Tenso Moisturist. For further information for each treatment, you can visit her blog directly.

If you were interested, just click here to visit her blog and see how it works. Just remember, the closing date is on October 12th, 2011.Good luck!