Thursday, July 9, 2009

riding on that 'shinkanzen' again!

Im finding myself trapped on the very same situation again. the familiar feeling come all over again.

the feeling like i was on a very fast train, having no idea where i was going. having no idea what i should do. should i stop on the next station? or stopping on the last station? i even have no idea if i was on the right train or not. should i change train?

i didnt know where i am. i was on a country that i didnt know. with foreign language that i didnt speak. i was holding a map given to me before the journey, but i couldnt read it coz i havent translated it yet.

first, i had to learn to read the map. He who gave me this map is the only One who can help me translated it, coz He made it especially for me. so, what i should do is asking Him for help. but, He has His own way, and His unique way to answer,to help me. i havent understand it for now. i have asked Him, repeatedly, but i still was confused.

in the middle of my confusion, the train keep moving. and very fast. i feel like i wanted to stop the train from moving so fast. i feel like i couldnt keep up with the speed. i feel like i have to translate the map quickly then make decissions. but i (still) didnt know what to do.

dear He who gave me the map,
please show me how to read the map, please help me to translate it, or would You translated it for me? please? :)
i havent understand Your answer, but please help me to understand.


bangkoko said...

..sometimes...u don't have to depend on a map...
sometimes u just don't need it.
...sometimes all u need to do is.....ask the railucy-guard (kondektur) heheehehee....

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