Thursday, December 9, 2010

Overwhelming excitement

Recently i feel overwhelmed with excitement ; excited for christmas, excited for holiday, excited for upcoming family reunion andd excited for my upcoming birthday! (shame on me, still excited for my birthday like a kid. i just curious with what my bf got me for my birthday hahaha.)

Plus, my work project has done, i dont have any deadline til next year, i'm just working on a new project right now. It's really an euphoria, you know. Waiting for christmas, holiday, family reunion, birthday, without something like work bugging me. It's exciting, it's overwhelming.

This is what i love most in december, the euphoria and excitement is in the air. I loveee going to mall during christmas season, seeing christmas decoration, lighting, christmas songs, etc. I just love the spirit!

I know i know, i shouldn't be happy and excited only with holiday and christmas stuffs, i should have prepared my heart for the real meaning of christmas. That's why i am reading "The Purpose of Christmas" by Rick Warren, to help prepare my heart. Hopefully i will be finished reading that book before christmas. I really want to have a special meaning in this christmas.

Sooo.. are you ready for christmas??

If you arent, i have a few tips for you, to build excitement :

1. Playing christmas song is a must! Change your playlist into christmas songs playlist. Play christmas songs at your office, at your car, at your room, etc. Surround yourself with christmas songs.

2. Change your phone ring tone (or ring back tone) with christmas song! i did it yesterday, it helps me to boost my spirit even more haha.

3. If possible, decorate your room, your house, your cubicle, your car. Put a christmas tree, decorate it by yourself, or just put a single christmas decoration in strategic place (at eye level) will do. Remember, less is more, just keep it simple.

4. Finish all your work and task as soon as possible, so you will have time to prepare everything else for christmas. Also you will have time to feel the excitement of upcoming christmas before it's finally here. If possible, take your leave earlier, few days before christmas, for the same reason.

5. Go to mall or anywhere that have christmas decoration. Jakarta has many big malls, and they usually have unique christmas decoration. Believe me, you dont need to go abroad just to see special christmas decoration. Malls in indonesia are just as beautiful as others mall abroad. Lucky us. And, they usually have year end sale, christmas sale, midnight sale, etc etc etc. It's time to go shopping, or just to feel the excitement. (People tends to be more excited when there is big sale, year end sale, midnight sale -you name it, you can feel the excitement with just being there).

6. Buy or make christmas gifts for special ones. Christmas is about giving and sharing. Why not giving something special for the special one? It doesnt have to be pricey, just a little gift with all your heart will give special meaning. What comes from heart will touch heart. It's what i believe :)

7. Read christmas book. It'll help you to prepare your heart. Just dont forget the real meaning of Christmas, His love, and hope. It's easy to get carried away with those extravagant christmas things, just keep in mind why you love christmas, why it is important to you, and why He came to this world on the first place. Christmas isnt christmas until it happen in you :)

8. Pray, so He may blessed us with special experience in this christmas, and grant us with special christmas meaning. May He touch our heart, so we can feel His extravagant love in our life.

Be ready and have a blessed christmas, everyone!


i call it L.I.F.E! said...

de..mau gw kutekin kukuny dgn gambar pohon natal jg ga? biar menambah nuansa natal. Hahahahahaaha
Sneng deh liat lo udh bersemangat lagi,ga bosen2 n 'datar' lagi :)

amadea said...

mauuuu... mau bentuk santa claus bisa ga master ellys?hahaha. iyaa aku excited mau natal :D thankss ellys sayangg.. Hugss..

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