Friday, June 17, 2011

First week

Hey blog! This is just a little update from me.

Starting from last Monday, i've been working at a new office. Still working as an interior designer, but this is a whole new job for me, because now i am working as a store designer. Yeah, new things to learn, new people to get to know, new environment to get adapted with..

Well, I have to be honest that it's not an easy task for me. New thing is not my thing. I dont really like change. I prefer a more stable condition. But i know this is good for me, to make me a better person. So, i guess i just have to hang on and keep praying that everything'll be all right. I just believe that if He bring me to it, He will bring me through it :)



Stephanie 'Takapipi' Gunawan said...

cia yooooooo!!!!!!! \(^.^)/

amadea said...

makasihh tepgunnn :D lo juga smangat yahhhh! slamat berjuang!!!

Laras Putriasih said...

Semangaatt ci Deaa! Every beginning is difficult.. Tetapi manusia bisa karena terbiasa. hehehe :D God bless you ciciii! :*

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