Friday, May 7, 2010

my life is Yours

Now I run
And set my eyes on You
I lay my life at Your feet
My heart and my plans
And my futures in Your hands
Now my soul
Rests like the stars above
For I know that the best is yet to come

i dont know my future, i have no idea at all. also i dont know why He created me the way i am, in this family, in this environment, in this country, and with all of these people. I know nothing of what i should do best in my life. too much things confusing, too much things i dont know yet.

but i believe that when He lets something, anything, happen to me, to my family, it means that He would provide enough strength for us to get through this. i would try to walk in faith and let Him do His will in my life.


NiyaOke said...

love that song, menggambarkan isi hati tentang masa depan, pengharapan, menyerahkan semua kepadaNya :)

Vanya Alessandra said...

remember one quote that keep me strong in our final project, and that quote always be my hope. do our best and let God do the rest ;)

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