Tuesday, May 18, 2010

worried too much?

this morning, i read a beautiful article about worries. and it truly blessed me. i dont know why i cant paste this article here, but please do read this article (klik here), especially for those who have been worried too much.

i must admitted that sometimes, i am worried too much. and it makes me restless. too much thinking and too much worries isnt good for your health.

I do know that I have extraordinary God, very powerful, Almighty, and nothing is impossible for Him. but the worries still there.

i also know very well that, if i was worried too much, that's means i havent truly believed in Him, in His power. and really, it's a shame. too much blessing, too much help He has been given to me, and yet i still doubted Him? such a shame. He is never be late. He makes everything beautiful in His time. not mine. yet, why do i still worry?

forgive me Lord, i know i shouldnt be worry, at all. Please help me learning to let go. to let You do Your works in my life.

worried too much? dont be. life is too short and too meaningful for that!

have a blessed day, readers!


Vanya Alessandra said...

kekhawatiran sehari biar sehari aja dea, dont worry too much :)

amadea said...

iya nya.. even better, do not worry at all. just trust Him and get closer to Him. then everything will be just fine :) thank u anyway for ur support :)

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