Monday, July 12, 2010

and this euphoria is over

This early morning (WIB) was world cup final, and i missed it!! hiks

Not that i am such a big fan of world cup,
and not that i regretted it much,
it's just my friends were having a conference again, and i missed our togetherness,
and just because I like to be a part of world's event which everyone's talking about


i just love to be involved in this world's euphoria, because i love moments.

and now it's over.

for sure i'll miss that Waka-waka song,
for sure i'll misss that footbal conversation, wherever and whenever i go
for sure i'll miss that excitement and passion
and of course
for sure i'll miss that midnite conference

thank you World Cup for the excitement you have bring, and for this euphoria.

but i am also glad it's over, finally i'll have my bf back *LOL (kidding, luv)


Bubble-pinkz said...

kalo gua kebalik kayaknya de.... seno yg senang, coz i'm back... dia uda ga dicuekin lagi... hahahahaha...

amadea said...

hahahahha lo nya yg suka bola sih ya mel hihihi..kasian si seno *empati

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