Thursday, July 29, 2010

Finally! Finally! Finally!

Setelah sekian lama tergoda rayuan mautnya,
Setelah semakin banyak sahabat yang pake,
setelah semakin digoda sahabat dan teman untuk pake,
Setelah (semakin) merasa ketinggalan informasi,
dan setelah membulatkan hati dan tekad (seperti "gue janji ga bakal jadi autis!"),

akhirnya saya pun ikut dalam komunitas pengguna beri hitam

Finally i have one!

taa daaa!!

(it's not really mine tho, it's just random pic from internet)

Mine is still a baby, not yet one week old, but i have missed my nokia already.

To be honest, i still think my previous E63 is much better than Gemini. Nokia is still more user friendly, more stylish, more comfortable ( to hold, to type, and to looked at). Blackberry is kinda too complicated for me, and i hate it's setting layout. Nokia is much nicer and easier to use. If not for it's Blackberry Messenger, i think i wont buy one. (Udah beli dan udah pake aja masih banyak komplain haha).

And what i miss most is, believe it or not, text message! I love to save meaningful SMS,and i have plenty of that in my old inbox. I love to save beautiful quotes message, birthday greetings, and many of meaningful messages from my family, friends, and boyfriend. and I do love to re-read those, to remind me that i am loved. And i really hate it when i cant do that on Blackberry. Almost everybody contact me via BBM, included my bf, and it's different when you text someone (SMS) and when you ping someone on BBM. Yes, via BBM we can chat animatedly, more interactively, but somehow i missed the old way, sms. And since i cant save much meaningful message now, i dont have much reminders now. Ugh..

Anyhow, i have thought a lot before buying that, and in the end, i have decided to buy it because of many reasons. I do love BB, because i can ping anyone anytime, i can be updated with so many info from various source, i can get information easier, and it does help me to (re)connect with my old friends.

Well, as long as i still keep my promise, not to be lost in my own world while using Blackberry, esp whenever i am with my bf, friends, or family hehe.

So, hello Blackberry Community! Count me in! yay! :D


i call it L.I.F.E! said...

Oh yeah!! Gw jg kangen saat2 SMS msh berfungsi dengan baik, org2 ga pada autis ngeliatin HP kl lg pergi bareng..haha
you know what, sometimes gw sebel krn ada BB (walopun gw itu bb user),soalnya ada pepatah bilang kl BB itu mendekatkan yg jauh dan menjauhkan yg dekat.. dan yg really happens lohhh...
Jgn sampe pepatah itu terjadi yah,de.hahahaha
Enjoy ur new baby BB..

amadea said...

iyaaa..setelah membulatkan tekad beli bb harus membulatkan tekad buat ga jadi autis ya lis hahahaa...

Siindra said...

so that stuff is really worth the price ya? :)

Vanya Alessandra said...

de, sms itu bs di save.. di bagian sms lo pencet lambang bb, ada kata save kan. nanti bukanya di saved messages.

anyway, tanya diri lo 2 bulan lagi, lo ga akan bs lepas dr si bb kalo udh ngerti dia bs apa aja hihihihi (kecuali streaming, secara gue ampe skrg masi ga paham caranya).

welcome to the world where a bunch of antisocial socialite through this little thing called blackberry lol

amadea said...

@indra : yah tergantung haha

@vanya : iya gw tau bisa disave, tapi mslhnya skrg jarang yg hub gw lewat sms kan..jadi apanya yg mau di save hahaha

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