Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What happenned with my 'new clothes'?

Did you notice the notification from shabby blog on the left side of my blog recently? (It's gone now). Shabby blog is a free blogger template website which i used for my old template. And about a month ago, came up that notification asking me, as a user, to gladly recopy the code for the background, because they have switched the server or something. They said if i didnt recopy the code, my background might dissapear by the end of january. Well, it's februari and my background still there. It was there.

Yeah, it was there, now it's gone. I dont understand why when i did change the code, my background dissapeared. It's all white, with the only 'shabby blog' button on the top left corner. What happenned? I have searched for clues on the web, but didnt find the answer. Well, hopefully it wasnt permanent, otherwise i have to choose another free blogger template :D

Btw, do you still remember my old background? I still like it, but kinda bored with this background :p Here is my last background


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