Saturday, November 6, 2010

curcol in the midnite

It's midnite already and I can't sleep. I can if I tried, but I am just not sleepy yet.

Tomorrow is weekend,but I am not really excited. Weird,huh? Since I always longing for weekend to come, the sooner the better haha. Maybe it's true the most exciting part of holiday is the waiting part, the excitement that holiday is close. Something like that. I know it's not 100 percent true,but aniwei,it has good point.

I've been strucked with this light insomnia for about a week. Can't sleep until midnite,or like now,after midnite. And without laptop to browse or gaming,it's harder for me to find something to do. Thanks to blackberry, at least I still can chat and blogging :D

And thanks to entertainment media, tonight I found this 'stardust' movie kinda interesting, so I finally have something to do beside bugging my friend hahaha.

Sorry for this unimportant post, just wanna babble ,and have noone to share with haha. This is what I love about blogging, to find ways to express unexpressed feeling.

Have a great weekend everyone! Hey,it's weekend,just forget about your work for a while. You'll have the whole week after that to think and contemplate about your work :D

Aniwei,do u know this MIKA song, 'Love Today'? For mizone flashmob jakarta? I just LOVEEE that song!! So energetic and mood uplifting!


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