Monday, November 1, 2010

Create moment and say good bye to a boring life

I am the type of person who get bored easily. When i have nothing to do, i feel guilty and i could feel like my life is worthless, because i dont have anything special and extraordinary to do while everyone else is busy pursuing their dream. I feel like there is something wrong with me. But recently i realized something, moments could help me getting rid of any ordinary day.

I just realized that i love moments. I love when i have special event and special day. "Special" doesnt have to be grand, "special" for me is as simple as giving meaning to any ordinary day.

Last monday was special because it was Monday, November 1st. It's 011110. It's the first day of the week and it's also the first day of this month. So, it was really a good chance and perfect time to make something new, something extraordinary. You see, it's only a state of mind. Though at the end of the day i didnt have any extraordinary things to do, at least i was excited to live that day.

You know, with a little creativity and imagination, we could make everyday special (at least for us) Just by putting meaning on each day. For example, i could make today is a special day by thinking it is 15 month 19 day after my bf and i first started our relationship, or it's November 2nd, and about a month and half later i'll have my birthday (haha). Things like that could make today special. You could think of anything to give meaning to your day.

Doing new simple things each day also can make our day extraordinary. Take different route to your office, take public transportation only for today, or drive by your own just for today, cook different menus that u have never tried before, chat with old friends, or even chat with new people. Try doing something new, even it's a small simple thing, could give new meaning to our day, making our day special and extraordinary.

At least it works for me, to help myself getting excited going through each day, and trying to make my life worth living.

And dont forget to be grateful in everything. It's not easy, but at the end grateful feeling could make you feel richer and happier. Because gratitude could make u realized how much blessing have been given to you all of this time. He's good, and always good.

Happiness is a choice, and it's a state of mind.

Happy sweet November, friends! Hang on, it's only a month left before Christmas and holiday
season! :D


Isyana said...

"drive by your own just for today, cook different menus that u have never tried before," -> have you even tried to do one of these ideas? LOL

Dea, kan sangat sanguin deh, bisa hepi karena tanggal2an lucu gitu. Aneh, karena utk hal yg penting, like your wedding date, lu justru ga nyari tanggal2 lucu. hahahahahahaha

i call it L.I.F.E! said...

Hahahaha.. Btul jg dina. Ayo,dee..mending mulai pikirin tanggal2 lucu bwt married. Hahahaha

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