Friday, March 18, 2011

10 things i do as a stress relief

Whenever i am under pressure, stressed, and in such a bad mood, these things could help me to lighten up my mood

1. Crying to sleep
Cry, until you fell asleep. What's better than that? It's my number one stress relief. Only be prepared to get puffed eyes the next day in the morning hahaha.

2. Talking for hours to my beloved ones
I am the type of person who need to sahre my feelings to my closest ones; my boyfriend, my mom, my besties. Just by sharing, i could feel relieved. But in some case i have to be careful with whom i shared my feelings with, otherwise i would only get more upset by getting the wrong responds.

3. Hugging my "cats"
I have some cute stuffed cats, and my fave ones are three similar smiling stuffed cats. Yes, they are similar, i really love them. They have a smiling face, very cute, and always help me to smile whenever i see them and hug them haha. seeing a cute cat on the street also could make me smile and suddenly forgetting my bad mood. *sometimes i am such a cat freak.

4. Hanging out and dating with my boyfriend
Yes, dating and doing some fun stuff, spending quality time with him, always can brighten my day. (only if he wasnt in a bad mood too)

5. Listen to the music, playing my fave playlist
Yes, i like to listen to my fave songs until i fell asleep. Usually when i have lots in my mind, i couldnt sleep easily, and listen to my fave songs could help me to soothe my racing thoughts.

6. Put on some fragrance, like body lotion
This is a thing that i love that i found recently. I jus found out that i love fragrance, esp body lotion. I love to smell it, and sometimes i sprayed some of my body spray to my pillow, so i could smell the fragrance before i fell asleep. it's like an aromatheraphy for me hahaha.

7. Playing the sims
I always love the sims, never get bored of it. In this game, i can pretend to be somebody else, entering somebody else's life, deciding and controlling their 'life', make them whatever i want them to be. It's a good thing that i could forget my own probelm temporarily.

8. Do some sweet escape, esp with my love ones.
What's better than holiday with loved ones? It doesnt have to be a long trip; a short trip or even a visit to a never been there place before could help. The point is to break the routine and spend quality times with loved ones.

9. Chat with some old friends
Sometimes catching up with old friends could be relaxing and fun. You might found something new from them.

10. Reading novels
This is my old hobby that i dont do much anymore. But still, a good novel could always brighten up my mood.

So, these are what i do. What about you? :)

Have a nice weekend!


Isyana said...

Kalo stress, gue doa dalam hati terus nulis. Dulu di Diary, sekarang, kalo stress nya di kantor, gue punya file doc khusus dan berpassword buat meracau. Haha. Oh ya, dan tentu ga ketinggalan, meracau ke Benny dong.


BENNY-RK said...

tidak pernah lupa ya din meracau ke saya..hahaha...

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