Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Here comes again, The Wedding Month!

Time does flies so fast. It's been almost a year since this post, and now here comes again this october-wedding-month.

Just like last year, i have received several wedding invitations, and i have an almost full schedule for every weekend this october. So far, luckily, i havent received double invitation (different wedding, different couple, but on the same day). Let's see how many wedding which i got invited this year, so far, i have known 8 couples are getting married, and it's just on the beginning of this month. tsk.

I wonder, why people choose these month (october, november) to get married? What's so special with these month? Anyone can explain this to me, please?

And talking (writing) about wedding date, i wonder why people choose certain date (which they called good number and good date), to get married? Im not talking about certain date which is "good" from feng shui or certain beliefs, im talking about a "nice" and "easy to remember" date, like 10-10-2010 for the example. Maybe it would be easy to remember, but on the other side, there must be so many weddings on that date, and that means, not all of their guest would be able to come, because they might have others invitation too. More possible wedding invitations means less guests, and less guests means less income, right? haha. If i was the host, i think i prefer any ordinary date, and almost my guests would be able to come (and share the happiness with me) to a special date which less guests would be able to come. Anyhow, Im just wondering, it's their big day and they can do anything they want, because they are the king and queen for that day :)

Well, congratulations for all of you who get married on this special month! Wishing all the best for your new stage of life :)



i call it L.I.F.E! said...

when is ur turn? hahahahaha

Vanya Alessandra said...

itu karena beberapa org cina percaya kalo udh ngelewatin bulan 7 (lunar calender) and before imlek celebration itu rentang waktu yg baik buat nikah. bahkan musim ujan juga katanya bagus, bikin subur (rejeki loh maksudnya).

btw, even if your family couldnt come to ur wedding, mereka tetep hrs nitip angpao, kan sodara. jd pendapatan tetep pengeluaran berkurang kan jadinya hahahaaa.

BENNY-RK said...

haha,yang udah ngitung2 tanggal jadi ngerti nih kenapa tanggal penting?..

amadea said...

@ellys : haha dont worry, i'll tell you if everything's planned :p

@vanya : eh gw baru tau tuh yg soal 7 bulan setelah imlek, pantesan ya, mostly yg merit di bulan2 segitu itu chinese people :)
soal angpao, haha itu kan kalo family, kalo temen? lagian, kalo pengeluaran mah udah dibayar bukan, jdnya ga untung apa2 jg kalo pd ga dtg haha

@benny : tanggal apa ben? tanggal ulang thn gw mah udah ga usah diitung2 haha

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