Thursday, September 30, 2010

Twisted wise words

People say, a true friend is someone who'll be there for you in the time of sadness, when you're down. Lots of people will laugh with you willingly when you are happy and successful, but few will cry with you in your darkest time.

Is it true?

If it was true, why did i feel the opposite? It's not always, but it does happened.

When i was sad, troubled, and when my life was filled with problems, many of my friends would give their sympathy, try almost everything to cheer me up, and say they would be there for me, if i needed them. And i was really glad for that.

But, funny, when i was happy, glowing, and have lots of happiness to tell them, seems like they werent there. Sometimes, it's harder for me to find friends to share my happiness than to share my burden with. Sometimes, it's harder to find people who are really willing to laugh (the pure laugh and happiness) with you, and be happy for you. Call me sceptic, cynical, or else, i just wrote down what i felt.

Seems like everyone's too busy with their own problems, or taking care of those who are troubled, so then they dont have time for those who are glowing with happiness. Probably they thought, they are happy already, so they wont need others to cheer them up. True, but those who are happy still need their friends to share their happiness with. Dont they?

Sometimes, it's easier to cry with the troubled ones, than to laugh with the successful ones. Because, some part of our egoistic self feel grateful somehow knowing that there is somebody else who is more miserable than us, which has a lot more difficult life than our own.

On the other side, it's not that easy to laugh and to be happy with those who are having their successful moments, or accomplished their goals. Because, somehow, other's accomplishment could remind us of our own failures, and it could make us even more miserable.

Life is funny somehow. I think every theory works both ways.

Well, it's just my thought. Im not judging anyone (forgive me if anyone feel offended).
It's just my way to rationalize in order to accept this (what i called) twisted wise words.

What do you think?


i call it L.I.F.E! said...

Mmm..interesting thought,de..
and again, i do understand your thinking,my melan friend. hahahaha
Well..sebenernya ada bagusnya jg kl misalnya pas lo lg down,tmn2 banyak yg dukung. Gw rasa itu lebih baik drpd tmn2 lo cm mau seneng2 ama lo doang tp kl lo lg sedih mereka tiba2 ilang gt.. iya ga sih?
Krn diidup gw, gw kadang ngerasa kl pas gw lg seneng2 ya org2 pst byk yg mau main2 ama gw. Tp kl mereka lg pny kesenengan sendiri, sometimes they just close their eyes from me who is down. Well, call me too sensitive ato perasa ato negatif thinking, yg pasti emang itu yg sering kali gw rasain..hehe
Maybe we should set another date buat ngobrolin ttg hal2 melan gini nih. hahahahaha
However, u should be grateful kl misalnya pas lo lg sedih n down tmn2 lo msh slalu ada bwt lo. That's priceless :)

Vanya Alessandra said...

bener kan yg gue bilang.. hahaha :)

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