Thursday, April 14, 2011

They are heree!

This last two weeks, is like a holiday to me because The Sudarsos are hereee! 

My uncle, aunt, and cousin are here for the first time after they left Indo and move to US 16 years ago. My family and I had met them in US last Christmas, and back in Christmas 2002, but most of our family here havent met them again since 16 years ago. 16 years! Can you imagine how happy we are to finally meet them again after 16 years? Such a precious moment!

So, i have lots of family time in this 2 weeks. Couple of family dinner, visiting grandpa's graveyard, family gathering. And the greatest was we went to Bali last week, only cousins, and all girls. Sooo exciting! I will write in another post about Bali.

Because of that bunch of family time, it's truly feels like a holiday for me, it's like taking a break from my daily routine. This 2 weeks is also another proof that He is truly good, He brings us together again after the long 16 years. It's really an amazing blessing for us. Thank you, Lord.

To The Sudarsos, may you have a really pleasant and amazing vacation here. Dont compare Jakarta to LA or SD though haha. Really glad to have you back. Hopefully there will be one day that all of our family can meet again in one place. Happy holiday!


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